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State law disclosure regulations require the following licenses to be conspicuously disclosed.

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS):

State Licensing:

  • ALABAMA Consumer Credit License 23103
  • ARIZONA  Mortgage Banker BK 1033553
  • ARKANSAS  Combination Mortgage Banker-Broker-Servicer License 128607
  • CALIFORNIA  Financing Law License 60DBO-144199
  • CALIFORNIA  Residential Mortgage Lending Act License  41DBO-143292
  • COLORADO  Mortgage Company Registration – Regulated by the Division of Real Estate –
  • FLORIDA  Mortgage Lender Servicer License MLD2111
  • GEORGIA  Mortgage Lender License/Registration 1862952
  • IDAHO  Mortgage Broker/Lender License MBL-2081862952
  • ILLINOIS  Residential Mortgage License MB 6761652
  • IOWA  Mortgage Banker License 2022-0077
  • KANSAS  Mortgage Company License MC.0025895
  • KENTUCKY  Mortgage Company License MC786026
  • LOUISIANA  Residential Mortgage Lending License
  • MARYLAND  Mortgage Lender License 1862952
  • MICHIGAN  1st and 2nd Mortgage Broker/Lender License No. FR0023714 & SR0023715
  • MINNESOTA  Residential Mortgage Originator License MN-MO-1862952
  • MISSISSIPPI  Mortgage Lender License 1862952
  • MONTANA  Mortgage Lender License 1862952
  • NEBRASKA  Mortgage Banker License
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE  Mortgage Banker License 24886-MB
  • NEW JERSEY  Residential Mortgage Lender License
  • NEW MEXICO  Mortgage Loan Company License
  • NORTH CAROLINA  L-202917
  • NORTH DAKOTA  Money Broker License MB104042
  • OHIO  Residential Mortgage Lender Registration RM 804501.000
  • OKLAHOMA  Mortgage Lender License ML014482
  • OREGON  Mortgage Lending License 1862952
  • PENNSYLVANIA  Mortgage Lender License 94533
  • SOUTH CAROLINA  Mortgage Lender / Servicer License MLS – 1862952
  • SOUTH DAKOTA  Mortgage Lender License 1862952.MYL
  • TENNESSEE  Mortgage License No. 1862952
  • TEXAS  Mortgage Banker Registration
  • WASHINGTON  Consumer Loan Company License CL-1862952
  • WISCONSIN  Mortgage Banker License 1862952BA
  • WYOMING  Mortgage Lender/Broker License 4505

In Ohio only, Smartfi Home Loans, LLC does business under the trade name Bankers Guarantee Mortgage Company (

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